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Do you have a thin upper lip, or does your upper lip curl inwards when you smile brightly? This can create the look of an even thinner upper lip. Thankfully, it’s easily fixed with the lip flip Botox treatment that House of Bratz offers!

The lip flip is the answer to the thinning of your upper lip when you smile. Thin lips get a bad rep nowadays but can be gorgeous if they suit your face! However, fuller, plumper lips are often seen as more feminine, just like big eyes are seen as more feminine. They are, what researchers and aesthetic experts call, neotenous features. Neoteny is a more difficult term for baby-like features. Having a neotenous face, or a baby face, is seen as attractive. Having full lips creates a more youthful, neotenous look, which is why many women use lip fillers. If you are already blessed with beautiful full lips, you may just want to prevent your upper lip from curling inwards when you smile. The lip flip Botox treatment by House of Bratz creates the look you want.

What is a disappearing upper lip?

You probably already know if you have a disappearing lip, but for those who are not 100% sure, grab a mirror. Look at yourself and smile a big, beautiful smile. Don’t try to control the muscles in your face while you do this. Do you notice that your upper lip starts disappearing because it’s curling inwards? Then you have a disappearing upper lip. The disappearance of the upper lip whilst smiling is not necessarily due to the lack of volume in the upper lip!
A thin upper lip may not help with the fact that the lip disappears, but it is quite often due to the muscles around the mouth.

Why does my upper lip disappear?

Did you know that the muscles in your face are incredibly strong? You use them every day, and some are stronger than others. Some muscles might be too strong, which can cause the curling of the upper lip inwards. There are two responsible muscles, and they both give slightly different results when targeted. The first muscle is the levator labii alaeque nasii muscle. This muscle works to lift the upper lip, and when hyperactive, it can produce the effect of pulling the upper lip slightly above the gum line. This can create the appearance of a gummy smile. Pulling the lip too high can also affect the fullness of the lip.

The other muscle is the orbicularis oris. This is a circular muscle which encircles our mouths and allows our lips to purse. When this muscle is relaxed, it reduces the tension on the upper lip, allowing the upper lip to relax upwards. This creates that subtle pout many people strive to achieve. Relaxing the orbicularis oris can help prevent the upper lip from vanishing when you smile, creating a fuller pout without the addition of fillers. This is the goal of the lip flip Botox treatment by House of Bratz.

House of Bratz lip flip Botox treatment

House of Bratz has one goal: helping you achieve the look best suited for you and making you feel beautiful. Regarding the lip flip Botox treatment, our objective is to correct your upper lip from curling inwards. House of Bratz uses Botox (also known as Botulinum toxin), which is a muscle relaxer. Our House of Bratz specialists will inject the relaxer in the orbicularis oris (the muscle responsible for lifting your upper lip) and, in some cases, in the levator labii alaeque nasii muscle if deemed necessary. The lip flip Botox treatment will relieve the tension in these muscles, which will stop the lip from flipping inwards.

Lip flip Botox treatment process

The lip flip Botox treatment by House of Bratz is a pretty simple and clear-cut treatment. When you arrive at your appointment, one of our House of Bratz specialists will talk you through the process of the lip flip Botox treatment during your consultation. We want to know what exactly you would like to achieve. We look at your medical history and background, and then decide what treatment would suit you best. Do we only need to target the orbicularis oris, or do you also have a gummy smile? Before we start the injection process, we take pictures of the area that will be treated. The results of the lip flip Botox treatment will be clear as day when you compare the before and after photos.

We apply a topical anaesthetic to numb the area. The area will be thoroughly cleaned and the House of Bratz specialist will then prick the areas to be treated. We will use a thin, sterilised needle to inject Botox into the skin around the top of your upper lip. This treatment will typically require multiple injections, but it doesn’t take long. Including your consultation, it will take around 6 to 15 minutes.

How long does it take to see the results?

You will see the initial results within 3 to 4 days. They will be small in comparison to your final results, which you will see within 14 days after your lip flip Botox treatment. Immediately after your treatment, you might experience a slight stinging or numbness in the area of the injections. This is perfectly normal and should wear off within a day. There may be small red spots where you have been injected, but these are almost unnoticeable to the eye. You are immediately presentable after the treatment. After about 3 to 6 months, the effect wears off, and you can repeat the treatment. The more often the treatment is performed, the longer it takes for the effect of the muscle relaxant to wear off. Your muscles become less tense, the more treatments it undergoes.

What to do after the treatment?

We advise you to not do the following things after your lip flip Botox treatment at House of Bratz:

  • Don’t lie flat and bend down for the first 4 hours.
  • Don’t smoke, no alcohol, and no physical exercise for the first 24 hours.
  • Stay out of the sun for 2 weeks and don’t go indoor tanning.
  • No sauna, spa, and hammam for the first 2 weeks.
  • No facial treatments, such as laser treatments or peels, for the first 2 weeks.

House of Bratz lip flip Botox treatment facts

Price for women Netherlands €99 / Belgium €199 / Dubai 350 د.إ
Price for men Netherlands €119 / Belgium €199 / Dubai? د.إ
Anaesthetic not required, but available
Duration 6 to 15 minutes
Pain (0-10) 3
Product Botox
Safety very safe
Duration of the result 3 to 6 months

Where can you find a House of Bratz clinic?

Are you ready to create your own beautiful pouty smile by undergoing the House of Bratz lip flip Botox treatment? Fantastic! We would love to welcome you in one of our many clinics. In the Netherlands, you can find us in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Our clinic in Belgium, you can find in Antwerp. In Dubai, you can find our clinic in the fabulous Five Palm Jumeirah Hotel.

Do you want to stop your upper lip from curling inward with the House of Bratz lip flip Botox treatment?

Book your appointment online or call. Our House of Bratz specialists are happy to help you!

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