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Do you suffer from drooping eyebrows or a tired look? Do you want your face to look open and happy again? The eyebrow lift Botox treatment is the solution for you!

An eyebrow lift may just be what you need to open up your face and make it seem as happy as you are inside. Eyebrow lifts are performed for many reasons and are incredibly popular. Eyebrows influence your entire face and can make or break it aesthetically. Some people choose thinner eyebrows, others go for bold brows. They can be very arched, straighter, or tapered towards the end. The shape of eyebrows is dependent on the trends we see. Just think about the thin eyebrow look in the 90s or the Instagram brow phase in 2016. Sometimes we forget that the position of the eyebrow is just as important as the shape. Low hanging, drooping eyebrows make you look tired, whilst too high eyebrows make you look like you’re in a constant state of surprise.

What are drooping eyebrows?

Drooping eyebrows are eyebrows that give the impression of being pulled down. They look heavy and tiring and make the face look imbalanced. This is because the drooping of the eyebrows creates a larger looking forehead, ruining the principle of facial thirds. An attractive and proportionate face has been defined by the ‘rule of thirds’. This principle states that in most attractive faces, forehead height should be one third of the total height of the face and approximately equal in height to the mid and lower face. When the eyebrows droop down, it creates a smaller midsection of the face with the eyebrows, eyes, and nose crammed in. The forehead appears larger since it’s ‘missing’ the eyebrows due to the drooping. 

Why do I have drooping eyebrows?

Some people are born with drooping eyebrows, others are experiencing signs of ageing. When skin starts to droop, we can often chalk it up to the loss of elastin and collagen. Elastin is responsible for the resiliency of your skin. Collagen is a protein that serves as one of the main building blocks for your bones, skin, hair, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It is what keeps your skin from sagging, giving you that plump, youthful look. As we get older, we lose a lot of these proteins, since it is part of the ageing process. Some of the factors that accelerate ageing, and the drooping of eyebrows are stress, natural gravity, genetics, UV, and sun exposure. The drooping of the eyebrows can be reversed by relaxing certain muscles. We treat these muscles during an eyebrow lift Botox treatment at House of Bratz.

House of Bratz eyebrow lift Botox treatment

Helping you achieve the look best suited for you and making you feel beautiful, that is what House of Bratz wants for you. As for the eyebrow lift Botox treatment, our objective is to prevent your eyebrows from drooping and ‘pulling’ your face down. House of Bratz uses Botox (which is a Botulinum toxin). Botox is a muscle relaxer. Since eyebrows are incredibly expressive, it is only logical that quite a few muscles influence them. Eyebrows are held in a neutral position by a dynamic balance between soft tissues and the muscles beneath the dermis of the eyebrows. These muscles are the frontalis muscle, orbicularis oculi muscle, and corrugator supercilii muscle. Depending on your individual needs, the House of Bratz specialist will inject the necessary muscles. This will stop the eyebrows from being pulled down.

Eyebrow lift Botox treatment process

The eyebrow lift Botox treatment by House of Bratz is a relatively simple treatment for a specialist with experience and knowledge. We start off with the consultation, in which we will talk you through the process of the eyebrow lift Botox treatment. We want to achieve the highest quality, whilst keeping your own unique look. Your needs and wishes are at the forefront, but we will always be honest and transparent with our clients about what is possible. Our House of Bratz specialist will look at your medical history and background, and together you will decide which treatment would suit you best. House of Bratz specialists use their extensive knowledge of aesthetics to create a high-quality look perfectly fitted to you.

Before we start the injection process, we take pictures of the area that will be treated. This way, you can see how the House of Bratz eyebrow lift Botox treatment has influenced your face. Then, we apply a topical anaesthetic to numb the area. The area will be thoroughly cleaned and the House of Bratz specialist will prick the areas to be treated. We will use a thin, sterilised needle to inject Botox into the skin. This treatment will typically require multiple injections, but it doesn’t take long. Including your consultation, it will take around 10 to 20 minutes.

How long does it take to see the results?

The initial results will show within 3 to 4 days. You will see the final results within 14 days after your eyebrow lift Botox treatment. Some clients experience a slight stinging or numbness in the area of the injections. This is perfectly normal and should wear off within a day. There may be small red spots where you have been injected, but these are almost unnoticeable to the eye. You are immediately presentable after the treatment. After about 3 to 6 months, the effect wears off, and you can repeat the treatment. The more often the treatment is performed, the longer it takes for the effect of the muscle relaxant to wear off. Your muscles become less tense, the more treatments it undergoes.

What to do after the treatment?

We advise you to not do the following things after your eyebrow lift Botox treatment at House of Bratz:

  • No facial treatments, such as laser treatments or peels, for the first 2 weeks.
  • Stay out of the sun for 2 weeks and don’t go indoor tanning.
  • Don’t smoke, no alcohol, and no physical exercise for the first 24 hours.
  • No sauna, spa, and hammam for the first 2 weeks.
  • Don’t lie flat and bend down for the first 4 hours.

House of Bratz eyebrow lift Botox treatment facts

Price for women Netherlands €140 / Belgium €140 / Dubai 940 د.إ
Price for men Netherlands €160 / Belgium €160 / Dubai? د.إ
Anaesthetic not required, but available
Duration 10 to 20 minutes
Pain (0-10) 4
Product Botox
Safety very safe
Duration of the result 3 to 6 months

Where can you find a House of Bratz clinic?

Do you want to look more open, friendly, and happy? We would love to welcome you to one of our many clinics to perform an eyebrow lift Botox treatment to help you reach that goal. In the Netherlands, you can find us in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Our clinic in Belgium, you can find in Antwerp. In Dubai, you can find our clinic in the fabulous Five Palm Jumeirah Hotel.

Look happy and open again with the House of Bratz eyebrow lift Botox treatment!

Book your appointment online or call. Our House of Bratz specialists are happy to help you!

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