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House of Bratz strictly adheres to all the applicable legal guidelines for cosmetic clinics. Our doctors are licensed and registered to ensure total satisfaction and safety for our clients.

Team House of Bratz

BIG-registered doctors

House of Bratz doctors are BIG-registered doctors. BIG stands for ‘Beroepen in de Individuele Gezondheidszorg’ which is Dutch and translates to ‘Professions in Individual Healthcare’. The BIG register is a legal, online, and public register. Only those listed in the BIG register may use a protected professional title and may independently perform the reserved actions associated with the profession. Anyone can consult the register. The BIG register also takes care of the recognition of foreign diplomas.

The BIG protects patients against incompetent and careless actions by healthcare providers. Only healthcare professionals with the protected title are allowed to practice these professions. That’s why we advise you to always choose clinics and professionals who are registered and licensed because they are the actual cosmetic doctors that will do their job following quality and safety guidelines. Do you want to read more about the BIG registration and are interested in the exact law behind it? You can find everything here, but since this is a Dutch law, there is no English version of it available.

Care Quality, Complaints, and Disputes Act

We work in accordance with the ‘Wet kwaliteit, klachten en geschillen zorg’ (Wkkgz) which is Dutch and translates to the ‘Care Quality, Complaints, and Disputes Act’ of the Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport in the Netherlands. The Wkkgz applies to all healthcare providers, for both healthcare institutions and independent professionals. In this context, House of Bratz also provides a complaint procedure. The clinic has a complaints’ officer that is available to you on the off chance that you need it. People with complaints can contact the complaints’ officer of the healthcare provider free of charge from the 1st of January.

NVCG (Dutch Association for Cosmetic Medicine)

House of Bratz has strict house rules and follows all safety and hygiene procedures needed in clinics.

For cosmetic treatments with injectables, the clinic adheres to the guidelines of the NVCG. The Dutch Association of Cosmetic Medicine (NVCG) is the scientific professional association for cosmetic doctors who are demonstrably skilled in injectables (Botox and fillers), energy-based treatments (lasers, IPL, LED, etc.), peelings and anti-ageing. Some cosmetic doctors may also be skilled in some surgical procedures, such as eyelid corrections. House of Bratz, however, focuses on injectables. The association believes it is important to provide honest, objective information about cosmetic treatments so that you can make the right choice yourself. NVCG specialists can help you make your choice and execute it with the utmost skill so that you look younger and healthier in a responsible and natural way.

That’s not all! The NVCG organises and develops training courses for existing members. Knowledge and experiences with treatments and products are bundled in the knowledge centre. The NVCG is responsible for drawing up the quality requirements for treatments and materials and keeps a national registration of complications so that general knowledge in this area is increased. The NVCG is committed to continuously improving the quality of cosmetic treatments. To guarantee the safety of clients, the members are committed to properly and fully informing their clients about, among other things, the possible treatment methods, the expected results, the risks, the current costs of treatments and the specialisations of the doctors. All House of Bratz doctors are also members of the NVCG, which means that you are in safe, capable hands.

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